Course description

To become a professional level programmer, you need to learn different types of languages: Everyone knows Object Oriented Programming but few people realize they need to learn a Functional Programming language that scales well in distributed computing! Elixir is one such language. It’s a fairly young language but has gained immense popularity in the past couple of years — It’s the language of the future. Learning Elixir and its web framework Phoenix means you will be set for this high-demand job skill for the near future

In this course, we will start from scratch with Elixir and then move on to Phoenix -- the next generation web framework that is set to replace a lot of deployments of Ruby, Django, PHP and even Node. The course assumes that you’ve had some basic programming experience before. If you know a bit of Python(just the basics: if, while, for, lists, dictionaries and tuples) or Java, you’d be all set. 

This is a very applied course, so we will explain everything through the commands/code and not bore you with dull slides. In fact, there isn't a single slide in this course

In this course, we aim to give you the feel of the rhythm behind Elixir and Phoenix so that you are in the position to understand the philosophy behind it and use it to your advantage. Through this approach, we can cover the whole spectrum in less than ?? hours. We will quickly cover the fundamentals of the Elixir language (but not go into those concepts which are never used). Similarly, we will cover different aspects of Phoenix (see detailed outlines below for specifics) in a way that is both quick and efficient instead of spending many hours explaining simple concepts. 

Remember: The reason you pay for this course is support. I reply within the day. See any of my course reviews for proof of that. So make sure you post any questions you have or any problems you face. I want all my students to finish this course. Let’s get through this together.  

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn functional programming to boost their programming skill and career
  • Those who want to learn the next generation Web development framework Phoenix
  • Those who want to find out what makes Elixir the next hot technology

What you'll learn:

  • Use Elixir in proper functional programming way
  • Create high scalable web apps through Phoenix
  • Get STUNNING support - same day replies
  • Boost programming skills through a different mode of thinking
  • Think in terms of an alternative programming language

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with Elixir

  • 2

    Elixir Language Basics

    • Language Basics

    • Maps/Dictionaries in Elixir

    • Operations on Data Structures

    • Practice Activity: Basics

    • Code Structuring with Pattern Matching

    • Branching and Decision Making

  • 3

    Code Modularity / Thinking in Elixir

    • Introduction to Modules

    • Pattern Matching for Function Definitions

    • Guards in Function Definitions

    • Practice Activity: Modules

    • Anonymous Functions and Default Values

    • The Awesome Pipe Operator

    • Loops and Recursion

    • Practice Activity: Pipe Operator

    • File Handling 101

    • Require, import and Elixir Structures

    • Concurrency Basics

  • 4

    Phoenix Setup

    • Setup Phoenix and Prereqs on Windows

    • Setup Phoenix and Prereqs on Linux

    • Setup Phoenix and Prereqs on Mac

  • 5

    Phoenix and MVC Basics

    • Quick Intro to MVC

    • Creating a New Page

    • Passing Values to Pages

    • Path Helpers and Flash Messages

    • Function Calls in Views

    • Practice Activity: Templates

  • 6

    Message Passing

    • Message Passing and PubSub

  • 7

    Ecto and Phoenix: Database Connectivity

    • Talking to Databases through Ecto

    • Adding and Validating Constraints

    • Using Repo for Communication

  • 8

    Authorization and Session Management

    • Structuring Code through Contexts

    • Credentials for Accounts

    • Linking Authorization Credentials to Users

    • Wrapping up the User-Credential Link

    • Session Management

    • Session Plugs

  • 9

    Protection Your Web App

    • Protecting Pages

    • Adding Authors

    • Link Pages to Authors

    • Associate New Pages to Logged in User

    • Adding Page View Count

    • Capstone Project For You To Do

  • 10

    Extra Resources

    • Course Resources Download

Meet your instructor!

Mohammad Nauman
PhD, programmer, researcher, designer and teacher.

I have a PhD in Computer Sciences and a PostDoc from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. I have been programming since early 2000 and have worked with many different languages, tools and platforms. 

I have an extensive research experience with many state-of-the-art models to my name. My research in Android security has led to some major shifts in the Android permission model.

I love teaching and the most important reason I upload online is to make sure people can find my content.

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