Course description

Learn LaTeX from scratch in an easy-to-follow but highly effective way. Get up to the level of professional document writeup, presentation creation and even generating graphics in LaTeX.

What will I learn? 

  • Basics of creating a document 
  • Citations and references 
  • Mathematics and algorithm 
  • Including Graphics 
  • Tables 
  • TikZ (Drawing figures in LaTeX)
  • Presentations in LaTeX (which don't look like every other LaTeX presentation ever!) 
  • Automating stuff 
  • Tips to make your documents stand out 

About the instructor: 

  • Teacher and researcher by profession
  • PhD in Security and a PostDoc from Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany
  • Designer and photographer by hobby
  • (Have an eye for design) 

Target Audience: 

  • Absolute beginners 
  • People who want to impress others with their professional looking documents (without spending ages on them) 
  • Researchers and educators 
  • Grad and undergrad students

*** UPDATES ***

  • Added video on creating beautiful gantt charts using LaTeX.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Getting Started and Basic Documents
    • Creating our First Document
    • Basic Document Structure
    • Inserting Figures (and Best Practices)
    • Inserting Tables
    • Cross-referencing and Sub-documents
  • 3
    Bibliography and Templates
    • Lists, Emphasis and Paragraphs
    • Bibliography and Citing
    • Switching Templates (IEEE, ACM, Springer, General)
    • LaTeX Build Internals (Optional)
  • 4
    Mathematics and Automating Routine Tasks
    • Maths Basics
    • Features for Math Documents
    • Accents and Matrices
    • Symbols, Automation and Best Practices
  • 5
    Algorithms and Code
    • Professional Looking Algorithms
    • Code with FancyVrb
    • Listings Package for Code Output
  • 6
    Presentation Slides
    • Beamer Basics
    • Making Presentations Impressive
  • 7
    Drawing High Quality Figures with LaTeX
    • TikZ Basics
    • Managing Styles
    • The Power of TikZ
  • 8
    Parting Words
    • Where to Go Next - Tips for Learning
  • 9
    • Creating a Gantt Chart
  • 10
    Extra Resources
    • Course Resources Download

Meet your instructor!

Mohammad Nauman
PhD, programmer, researcher, designer and teacher.

I have a PhD in Computer Sciences and a PostDoc from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. I have been programming since early 2000 and have worked with many different languages, tools and platforms. 

I have an extensive research experience with many state-of-the-art models to my name. My research in Android security has led to some major shifts in the Android permission model.

I love teaching and the most important reason I upload online is to make sure people can find my content.

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