Course description

Want to learn Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Network Hacking, Web Server and Website Hacking. Even if you want to learn about!! How to exploit the victim machine. Or want to investigate like a security analyzer.

Once you finish this course you will be able to work as a security analyst to help the people and companies to secure their things from hacking.

This course this going to give you all the knowledge, how exactly the Ethical hacker and Black hat hackers get into the system of security.

We will start with the introduction part where you will be given knowledge about, what is ethical hacking, Types of hackers, types of hacking, and which all those terminologies come under ethical hacking. Once you finished that then you will learn the basic commands of Kali Linux how to run each command of the terminal. How to update to Kali Linux with application and tools.

Next coming to basic networking. Here you will be learning command which will help in hacking and how to Change the wireless adapter connection, changing of mac address and how to get into the monitor mode before going to attack the wifi network.

once you come to know the basics working of Kali Linux and networking, then you will be able to gather the information exactly like black hat hacker do to attack a targeted system. And this information is divided into active and passive and we are going to gather information of domain, website, web server and also even the peoples.

So once we gather information we are going to find the vulnerabilities of each and everything of the target. Then we are going to Get access to the website and web server by using their service ports, to get access to the web server. Here we are going to make use of the information section and vulnerabilities which we found. so that it will be easy for us to get into the web server. here are going to make use of all service like FTP, SSH, TELNET, MYSQL and moreover TCP and udp service.

You will learn how to exploit the system by creating a malicious backdoor and trojan horse. and also even how to send malware or payload to the victim. and in the same section, you will be learning. How to create a different type of backdoor like PDF, word document, excel, and also by sending updates to the targeted system.

Even we are going to hide payload behind the image or any file send it to the victim so when he clicks on it. he may not know where its payload or images. so once we gain access to the targeted system. we will be moving to the post-exploitation  and have some fun with it,  like we are to create a key-logger, get access to the files which are present and download the important documents. and even create some dirs getting accessing to webcams. We are going to make use Metasploit module to get the information of the targeted system.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Over of Ethical hacking Concepts

  • 3

    Basic Commands of Kali Linux

    • Basic commands of networking

  • 4

    Networking Basic Things You have to Know

    • Advanced commands of networking

    • Changing the Mac Address

    • Changing adapter settings

    • Getting into the mointor mode

  • 5

    Information Gathering of Target

    • information gather of domain

    • information gather servicr of website

  • 6

    Network Mapping (nmap)

    • Simple scanning of host

    • Live eample of port scanning

    • Discovery random port scanning

    • NSE script with example

  • 7

    Vulnerability Analysis of Target

    • Nessus installation

    • Introduction to Components

    • scanning the Target

    • Finding Vulnerability

    • Analysis the Vulnerability

    • Managing Report

  • 8

    Website and Web Server Hacking

    • Getting into webserver using SSH

    • Getting into webserver using FTP

  • 9

    Exploitation with hiding the Payload

    • Exploitation of windows a simple

    • Hidding malware

    • sending malware to victim

  • 10

    Post Exploitation and Privilege Escalation

    • Exploitation of file system

    • Exploitation modules of metasploit

  • 11

    Social Engineering Hacking

    • Introduction

    • Credential Harvester Attack Method git hub

    • Credential Harvester Attack Method twitter

    • Powershell Attack vector

    • Web jacking Attack method

Meet your instructor!

Sac Hackken
A beauty of ethical hacking

Hello, I'm Sac. I work on ethical hacking, organize security, windows penetration testing, Web Application Security and furthermore finding the bugs and answering to the organisations, so fundamentally we are ethical hackers.


I have a decent involvement in ethical hacking. I have gotten great criticism frame our customer since they asked how would you do these things I began making a video on moral hacking which leads them to self-finding out about ethical hacking. I  generally furnish you with up and coming information on security and ethical hacking.


I am giving you more case over security explore clarifying the hypothesis behind each technique. what's more, we will by what means these securities inquire about things can be utilized as a part of your genuine.

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