Course description

In today's world of web, everything needs to be up to date, because we cannot tell which part of the web server or web application becomes vulnerable for the hackers. Securing the web application has become more and more important nowadays. Most of the companies don’t know how to approach a vulnerability assessment, especially when it comes to dealing with results from its automated report. Yet, this process can be of value to an organization.

Now here is the question for you are you one of those,

who want to learn about Vulnerability assessment, and become experts in finding them, or won't work as a web security analyst in top big companies. and also want to hire by the clients for solving their problems of the web application. or do you want to secure your company server's before the hackers get into it?

then you are in the right place, here you are going to learn how exactly the companies are going to work on vulnerability assessment by secure thousands of websites.

This course is going to give you all the knowledge of how to work on Malware and Vulnerability Assessment, it’s going to take you form basic to advanced level.

We are going to start form lab setup, followed by the Introduction to course concept.

First Four-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment of the tool

  • Introduction to tool
  • Overview of the policies template
  • Initial Assessment
  • Getting into the User interface
  • Overview of Plugins and Plugin Rule

Perform the Vulnerability Scan

  • Start with Simple Scanning
  • Setting up the target for finding the Vulnerabilities
  • Knowing about types of Vulnerabilities which are present
  • Analyzing the vulnerabilities of the target

Vulnerability Assessment Report Creation    

  • Managing and Creating Report

More this coming to updates every month...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to course

  • 2

    Lab Setup Environment

    • Installing virtual box

    • Installing Vulnerable Web Server and Web app

  • 3

    Introduction to tool

    • Introduction security scanner

    • Introduction Nessus

    • Nessus installation

    • Introduction to tool

  • 4

    Overview of policies templates

    • About Nessus Policies

    • Import and Export policy

    • Creating policy with Basic network scan

    • Creating policy with Advanced network scan

    • Creating policy with Advanced network scan 2

  • 5

    Getting into the User interface

    • User-defined policy for scanning the vulnerability

    • Modify and creating copy of policy 05

    • Import and Export policy

  • 6

    Overview of Plugins and Plugin Rule

    • About Plugin

    • Creating Plugin Rule

    • Creating Folder

  • 7

    Start with Simple Scanning

  • 8

    Web Application Testing Policy (WAT )

    • WAT Policies setting and creating

    • WAT Policies setting and creating 2

    • WAT setting User defined policies

    • WAT Scanning for Vulnerability

    • WAT Managing Report

Meet your instructor!

Sac Hackken
A beauty of ethical hacking

Hello, I'm Sac. I work on ethical hacking, organize security, windows penetration testing, Web Application Security and furthermore finding the bugs and answering to the organisations, so fundamentally we are ethical hackers.


I have a decent involvement in ethical hacking. I have gotten great criticism frame our customer since they asked how would you do these things I began making a video on moral hacking which leads them to self-finding out about ethical hacking. I  generally furnish you with up and coming information on security and ethical hacking.


I am giving you more case over security explore clarifying the hypothesis behind each technique. what's more, we will by what means these securities inquire about things can be utilized as a part of your genuine.

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