Course description

LATEST UPDATE for 2019: Re-filmed 90% of the course and added:

  • How to go viral - the formula to get virality working for you

  • Facebook Live to build more superfans and drive sales

  • Best practices for pages and groups

  • How to boost engagement with your posts and tap into new audiences

  • How to write amazing headlines for your posts that grab attention

  • How to run contests on Facebook


By the end of this course you will be able to promote your business, personal brand, or products on Facebook, and get an increase in growth and engagement. 

The course will teach you the proper way to use your personal Facebook profile, business pages, and advertising (Facebook's paid marketing) to most effectively promote your business. 

The course will also teach you what not to waste your time with, and what strategies might be effective. 


In my business coaching practice I help many people with their marketing. Most people really struggle with online marketing. It is vital that as a business owner you become very savvy with online marketing very quickly because that will be the difference between getting clients or not. 

And since most people first think about promoting their business on Facebook when they get started with their business, this is a very necessary course to take. 


I am confident that after taking this course you will be able to comfortably determine what Facebook marketing strategies may be viable for your business, and what strategies may be poor choices. That will empower you to make good decisions in how you promote your business on Facebook.  


I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students.

My work has had a positive impact on millions of entrepreneurs, improving lives in every country of the world, creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you next.


  • Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable
  • Free 15-minute coaching call (I don't sell anything and don't collect your email, just answer your questions)
  • Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course
  • My list of 50 business-success skills after you complete the course


What really sets this course apart is the personal time I give to hold office hours with students in this course. During the office hours you can ask me any business question you want, and I will do my best to help you. The office hours are free, I don't try to sell anything. It is just another thing I do to help you achieve your goals. 

You can also get my help and advice any time! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you. 


The course comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll now.

Who this course is for:
  • If you are excited and motivated to grow your business with Facebook marketing

  • Inspiration to promote and grow your business with social media

What you'll learn:

  • Grow fans, engagement and customers using Facebook
  • New lecture with 25 strategies to promote your business on Facebook
  • Get personal one on one help from the instructor if you have specific questions
  • Maximize the reach of every one of your Facebook updates
  • Know the difference between promoting your business with personal accounts, business pages, groups and fan pages
  • Learn what works and what doesn't work in Facebook marketing
  • Join office hours on GoogleHangouts, and get advice and your questions answered by an expert
  • Get more likes, shares, and comments on your posts

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Immediately increase post engagement with amazing headlines

    • EXAMPLES & HOW TO'S: Write headlines that will grab attention

    • ACTIONABLE EXERCISE: Rewrite your social posts and get feedback

  • 3

    How to make Facebook promote your content more

    • How the Facebook algorithm works

    • How to make engagement beget more engagement

    • Colored background posts to boost engagement

    • NEW! How to use images in posts to increase engagement

    • Four resources to get catchy visuals & other visual content to boost engagement

  • 4

    How to go viral on Facebook

    • Introduction to virality section

    • Explaining the viral coefficient formula

    • How to boost virality

    • Ads having a role in virality

    • Viral coefficient calculator

    • Boosting content with ads to increase virality

  • 5

    Facebook Marketing Basics!

    • Why just posting your business on Facebook is not enough

    • Facebook marketing from a page vs. group vs. personal page vs. fan page

    • How Facebook is replacing a large use of LinkedIn

  • 6

    Marketing from your personal page (easiest since you already have that audience)

    • Easiest Facebook marketing: From your own personal page

    • Personal profile privacy settings to make promoting from personal profile easier

  • 7

    Facebook business page tips to maximize engagement

    • How to set up your Facebook business page

    • Hack to boost engagement in a Facebook page

    • Star rating on your Facebook business page

    • Selling options from your Facebook business page

    • 2 EXAMPLES of well-run Facebook pages for two different types of businesses

    • Facebook study on low engagement. Don't worry, we'll learn to increase it.

  • 8

    Setting up your Chatbot for engagement and sales

    • Introduction to chatbots

    • Registering on the chatbot site for free

    • Example of a test chatbot I made to show you how I'd use it to sell

    • How to actually create your chatbot - WALKTHROUGH STEP-BY-STEP

    • Finalizing your chat bot and making it go LIVE

  • 9

    Marketing from your group on Facebook

    • Introduction to Facebook group marketing

    • Planning your group

    • How to engage people in your group

    • How to get people into your group

    • Group rules and long-term success

    • Examples of successful Facebook groups

    • Premium and exclusive group strategy

  • 10

    Events on Facebook to get more engagement and exposure for your brand

    • Getting extra sharing and engagement with Facebook events

    • Example of how your event listing gets automatic promotion on friends profiles

    • Walkthrough of how to set up the event

  • 11

    Running contests on Facebook to boost engagement and traffic

    • Introduction to running contests

    • WALKTHROUGH of how to create a visual that gets attention to your contest

    • Facebook's contest policies

    • How to post your Facebook contest

    • Really smart ways to announce the winner in a way that gets much more engagement

  • 12

    General good practices

    • Establish yourself as an expert

    • On your website, asking people to like vs share

  • 13

    More Strategies To Increase Engagement over 1000% And Make Good Posts

    • Facebook engagement boost - section introduction

    • Post topic ideas that get engagement

    • How many times per day to post on Facebook

    • Mentioning other people in your posts to get more engagement

    • Big data research infographic for which posts are more effective

    • Hack to get more likes, comments and shares from posts

    • Small growth hack to increase post engagement from outside of Facebook

  • 14

    Facebook traffic trends

    • Most traffic on Facebook is from outside United States. What that means for us

    • Current traffic trends on Facebook

  • 15

    Facebook marketplace & selling in local and global groups

    • What kind of groups you can sell from locally

    • Starting to use local Facebook groups

    • Joining a BUY/SELL group

    • How to post products for sale

    • How to edit your posts

    • How to get the Facebook apps to post products for sale

    • How to post items for sale from the Facebook app

    • Results of my own posting - case study

    • How to create your own local sale group

    • Thinking creatively about what you can profitably sell

    • How others sell

    • How to find good Facebook groups to sell to

    • How to behave in groups for best results

    • NEW! How to sell using pinned-posts

  • 16

    Facebook (and other social media) automation

    • Social media automation section introduction

    • Benefits of social media marketing automation

    • Social media automation tools

    • Walkthrough of my SocialOomph account

  • 17

    Introduction to Facebook ads

    • Facebook ads introduction

    • Three Facebook ad strategies

    • What is the Facebook Business Manager and why you should use it

    • Setting up our Facebook Business Manager account

    • Adding a page to our Facebook Business Manager account

    • Creating an ad account in Facebook Business Manager

    • Ad goals and a few strategies

    • Starting to work with Ad Manager and doing initial ad setup

    • Closer look at Facebook ad targeting

    • Ad placements: Automatic vs. Manual

    • Which Facebook ad to choose

    • How to install Facebook pixel

    • Setting up a pixel event

    • Connecting a new Facebook Pixel to an ad set

    • Creating lookalike audiences from your Facebook Pixel

    • Pixel and retargeting audiences from your website

  • 18

    Facebook Live

    • Introduction to Facebook Live

    • Going Facebook Live on mobile

    • How to run your Facebook Live sessions

  • 19

    Older video: Lightning round! 25 ways to promote a business on Facebook

    • 25 Ways to promote your business on Facebook: LIGHTNING ROUND! - part 1

    • 25 Ways to promote your business on Facebook: LIGHTNING ROUND! - part 2

    • 25 Ways to promote your business on Facebook: LIGHTNING ROUND! - part 3

  • 20

    How to create free infographics to make more engaging social and blog posts

    • How to make a Canva account

    • How to create your infographic so you can make more attractive posts

Meet your instructor!

Alex Genadinik
Business coach, teaching business, entrepreneurship,
SEO marketing, eCommerce

3-time best selling Amazon author with some of my books used in universities and high schools across the country.

  • 10+ years in entrepreneurship
  • 10+ years in SEO and marketing
  • Coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs

When you enroll in my courses, you get:

  • Personal care and attention: I host regular office hours for my students and reply to 99% of student questions within 24 hours and my goal is to reply within 1 hour.
  • Instructor with deep expertise, proven success and knowledge that is both theoretical and practical.

I care deeply about student success, and I am committed to it. I go out of my way to help students in my courses succeed at whatever they are working on, whether it is planning, starting or growing your business.

More about me:

I am also the creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps with 2,000,000+ downloads,  host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube with 2,000,000+ views, successful affiliate marketer, serial entrepreneur in many other fields.

I have a BS in Computer Science from SJSU, and after working as a software engineer, I wanted to take a bigger role in the businesses I worked in, and that is how I got into business and marketing.  Today, I am one of the top online marketers and a successful entrepreneur.

What I am interested in now when it comes to business:

Personally, I am a personal productivity and emotional intelligence geek. I geek out on things like motivation, building healthy habits and creativity.

Some of my own favorite topics that I teach:

I have seen any of my students succeed in Amazon eCommerce. Selling on Amazon can be very lucrative and I love seeing my students do well.

I also teach many SEO topics that I myself use all the time. They include link-building, keyword research and using other sites like YouTube, Amazon, and even freelancing sites like Fiverr as search engines to get discovered when people are searching.

My interests outside business and entrepreneurship:

I like playing soccer, chess, dabbling in philosophy, lots of different music (one of my dreams is to start writing songs and poetry for them), and I am always daydreaming of finally getting a dog (a rescue from a shelter, of course). I am also trying to become vegan, albeit with moderate success so far.

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