Course description

Nmap one of the most standard network mapping and port scanning tool. Widely used by Ethical hacker and penetration testers and network security analyst and system administrator.

For an attacker, this is the first step to get info about the target’s network and identify a potential way in, since services running on an open port could be vulnerable to attacks.

Nmap is such a tool which is used by all most 95% of network security companies and system administrator.

If you want Learn about nmap, Welcome to the course of  


So this course is going to help you to learn about, Understanding of networking protocols, how to find the vulnerabilities, loophole flaws, and scanning the whole network by using nmap.  The course is going to start with the basic things of networking to understand how does it works, like port protocols services.

then we will get the overview of nmap, What is nmap? How does it work? How to use the nmap? and also the same which is graphically designed the zenmap.

Then we will jump into the simple scanning of using nmap, to a better understanding of the tool, followed by the vulnerable networking. And next, we will see each and every option of nmap, which are used for scanning the host check the behavior of it.  And then we will be going in-depth, knowing about the application name and version, which operating systems is used by the host (including Operating System versions and possible patches).

At last, you will learn how the security companies are going to use the nmap for their use to secure their system. Then what are waiting for click no enroll and start the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • Installing Vulnerable websever and web Application

    • Kali Linux on virtual box.

    • Installing virtual box

  • 3

    Start with Simple example

  • 4

    Host Discovery

    • List Target, Disable Ping. Skip host Discovery

    • Nmap discovery random port scanning

  • 5

    Os Detection

  • 6

    Port Specification

    • Excluding and Including Ports Scan

    • Scanning for Specified Port and with different Methods

  • 7

    Scan Techniques

    • Scanning for Specified Port with different methods

    • UDP Scanning and Port

  • 8

    Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)

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Sac Hackken
A beauty of ethical hacking

Hello, I'm Sac. I work on ethical hacking, organize security, windows penetration testing, Web Application Security and furthermore finding the bugs and answering to the organisations, so fundamentally we are ethical hackers.


I have a decent involvement in ethical hacking. I have gotten great criticism frame our customer since they asked how would you do these things I began making a video on moral hacking which leads them to self-finding out about ethical hacking. I  generally furnish you with up and coming information on security and ethical hacking.


I am giving you more case over security explore clarifying the hypothesis behind each technique. what's more, we will by what means these securities inquire about things can be utilized as a part of your genuine.

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"NMAP: Ethical Hacking and Network Security"