Course description

Everything You Need to Create Photorealistic Materials from Scratch

This Course is for Beginners who want to Create Materials using Substance Designer. Everything is Explained in Details:

  • How does Materials Work?

  • What is a Normal Map? Roughness? Metallic? BaseColor?

  • How can you Leverage these 4 Channels to Create Awesome Materials

Nodes in Substance Designer

I will explain the nodes, how they work, their effect and how can you use them over and over to create the Materials that you want

Create 3 Realistic Marble Material based on a Real Reference

- Square Marble Material

- Pyramid Marble Material

- Bricks Material

Who this course is for:
  • Learn to make Photorealistic Materials that you need
  • Are you Overwhelmed by the Complexity of the Nodes in Substance Designer?
  • Beginners 3D Designers who want to Learn Substance Designer to Create Realistic Materials that Matches their Reference
  • Do you want an Easy way to Learn Substance Designer


  • Feeling Frustrated by the Complexity of the Nodes in Substance Designer
  • No Prior Knowledge in Materials is Needed, Everything is Explained
  • We're Gonna be using Substance Designer & Gimp (free software)

What you'll learn:

  • Understand how Materials Work
  • Leverage 4 Channels to Create Realistic Materials: BaseColor - Normal - Roughness - Metallic
  • Learn Nodes and their Effects that Allows you to Create any Material that you Want
  • Learn to Create the Shape of the Material that you Want
  • Add Realism: Cracks, Scratches, Destructions & Imperfections

Course curriculum

Meet your instructor!

Abdelilah Hamdani
3D Photorealistic Designer

Abdelilah Hamdani is a 3D Designer and a Developer. I firmly believe that Photorealism is gonna be one of the most valuable skills in the near future. There is alot of opportunities for CGI artists: VFX, Gaming, Movies & Series. More than 6 years in the 3D Industry and i humbly admit i've got alot more to learn.

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"Learn to Make Realistic PBR Materials in Substance Designer"

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