Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to my unforgettably honest autobiographical experience!
  • 2
    My Journey in Establishing a Healthy Sex Life
    • My challenges with my body and sex.
  • 3
    • My name is Jerry Banfield and I am an alcoholic.
    • The insanity of the first drink.
    • My choice to go to Alcoholics Anonymous or die a drunk
    • Wrecking my car drunk is good for one week sober
    • 3 months sober and back drinking again.
    • I hoped meeting my wife would fix my alcoholism.
  • 4
    Gambling Addiction and Recovery!
    • Being cheap while learning how to gamble!
    • I thought I could just quit gambling and my money problems would be fixed.
  • 5
    Video games.
    • I started a business to help with video game addiction and then switched it to gaming!
  • 6
    • Introduction to my journey with being fat and compulsive eating.
    • My eating started bad and got worse at college
    • How I lost 20 pounds in 10 months and put it back on in 2
    • Losing weight with MyFitnessPal and counting calories
    • My magical experience at Detroit Metro airport.
    • How I eat now has unbelievable health benefits!
  • 7
    • WELCOME to my journey in EMOTIONS
    • Crying helps immensely for processing challenging emotions.
    • I try to feel all my feelings today.
    • Life is full of mostly good emotions which are easily missed.
    • How do I process my emotions today?
  • 8
    • WELCOME to my journey in RECOVERY!
    • Going to Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Wait for the pop!
    • After my fifth step confession.
    • Is the whole world in recovery?

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