Course description

Learn the most effective ways to sell products, the best ways to get ahead of competitors, and how to dominate your product niche.

If you have a trickle of sales, this course will help you turn that into a rover or an ocean of sales.

You will learn:

  1. SEO strategies to boost sales

  2. How to sell on Amazon

  3. How to boost your product's landing page conversion

  4. How to run highly engaging and inexpensive ads

  5. How to run retargeting ads


Whether it is a section on being savvy about getting the best reviews possible on Amazon, retargeting ads, voice or traditional SEO, or anything else, every section of this course is geared towards helping you sell more of your products.


Most first-time marketers start on Instagram and Facebook. While you can sell a few products there, this course will show you where and how to sell more effectively so you can generate 10x or 100x your current sales.


If you become the #1 seller of a product in almost any niche, you can make a 5-figure or sometimes a 6-figure MONTHLY revenue. You just have to learn to sell, which is exactly what this course does. 

Don't waste more time struggling to sell products. Turn yourself into a real pro at selling your own product. You owe it to yourself and your business, and everyone who depends on you.

Sign up today, and get started!


I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.

I sell products online and generate a multiple six-figure income. Some of my clients have reached million dollar businesses. In this course, I give you all my strategies that I've accumulated over my 15 years in online business.


  • Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable
  • Free 15-minute coaching call (I don't sell anything and don't collect your email, just answer your questions)
  • Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course
  • My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course
  • Be automatically entered to get chosen for my student of the month status and have your business featured


I give my personal time to hold office hours with students in this course. During the office hours you can ask me any business question you want, and I will do my best to help you overcome your current challenges. The office hours are free. I don't try to sell anything. It is just another thing I do to help you achieve your goals. 

You can also get my help and advice any time! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you. 


The course comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students.   

Invest in your future. Enroll now.

Who this course is for:
  • People with an eCommerce business
  • If you have a product you are selling

  • Be excited to sell more products in the most effective ways!

What you'll learn:

  • Boost your sales
  • Identify the most effective sales strategies and stop wasting time on wrong strategies
  • Dominate your niche on Amazon and maximize sales there
  • Use long-tail SEO keywords to get ahead of competition
  • See the path to a 6 or 7-figure ecommerce business
  • Dominate your niche on eCommerce sites and generate significant revenue

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Google SEO and long-tail keywords

    • Introducing SEO for eCommerce

    • Long-tail SEO keyword example

    • Voice search SEO

  • 3

    Webmaster tools to check search performance and crawling & indexing status

    • Setting up your Webmaster Tools

    • Creating your sitemap.xml

    • Troubleshooting crawling errors

    • SEO definitions for beginners

    • Submitting new URLs and checking for page status and indexing

    • Where your pages are ranking and page/query performance

    • Google Analytics introduction

  • 4

    Amazon and large online retailers

    • Creating seller accounts and uploading products to Amazon

    • Introducing JungleScout

  • 5

    Different ways to create and source products with pros and cons

    • Different ways to get products to sell and their implications

  • 6

    Review management on Amazon (and similar on other large platforms)

    • Seven principles of reviews

    • Importance of reviews on Amazon

    • If you are selling a book, what to do inside your book

    • If you have a physical product

    • Review management from your product listing

    • Reaching out to people to leave bad reviews

    • Replying to reviews on Amazon

    • Reviews on freelancing sites

    • How to close freelancing jobs

    • Mobile app reviews

    • Reviews for Yelp and Google Local

    • Udemy review introduction

    • Udemy review script overview

    • Community

  • 7

    Google shopping ads

    • Differences between AdWords and Google Merchant

    • Visual difference of Google Shopping ads vs. AdWords ads

    • Creating your merchant account

    • More on website verification

    • Creating your first data feed

    • Beginning to fill out your data feed

    • Filling out the product feed

    • Correctly setting your title attribute

    • Optimizing the description field in your product feed

    • Linking your AdWords account

    • When you have a large product feed file

    • Final step - start running your ads

    • Keyword exercise for Google Shopping

  • 8

    Retargeting ads with Google AdWords

    • Google AdWords retargeting section introduction

    • Setting up your AdWords retargeting tag code

    • Setting up your audience to remarket to in AdWords

    • Finalizing the retargeting ad so that it starts running

  • 9

    Facebook retargeting ads

    • Retargeting ads with Facebook

    • Lookalike audiences

  • 10

    Email list and autoresponder

    • Introduction to email marketing and autoresponders

    • Discussing MailChimp and pros and cons of other email marketing providers

    • Designating a list

    • Creating the autoresponder

    • Creating the sequence of emails

    • Email subscribe popups

    • Your lead magnet giveaway offer

  • 11

    How to recruit affiliates to resell your product

    • Section introduction

    • Your affiliate offer for recruiting affiliates to your product

    • Recruiting from aggregator websites

    • Case studies from recruiting affiliates

    • Affiliate recruiting promotion strategies

Meet your instructor!

Alex Genadinik
Business coach, teaching business, entrepreneurship,
SEO marketing, eCommerce

3-time best selling Amazon author with some of my books used in universities and high schools across the country.

  • 10+ years in entrepreneurship
  • 10+ years in SEO and marketing
  • Coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs

When you enroll in my courses, you get:

  • Personal care and attention: I host regular office hours for my students and reply to 99% of student questions within 24 hours and my goal is to reply within 1 hour.
  • Instructor with deep expertise, proven success and knowledge that is both theoretical and practical.

I care deeply about student success, and I am committed to it. I go out of my way to help students in my courses succeed at whatever they are working on, whether it is planning, starting or growing your business.

More about me:

I am also the creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps with 2,000,000+ downloads,  host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube with 2,000,000+ views, successful affiliate marketer, serial entrepreneur in many other fields.

I have a BS in Computer Science from SJSU, and after working as a software engineer, I wanted to take a bigger role in the businesses I worked in, and that is how I got into business and marketing.  Today, I am one of the top online marketers and a successful entrepreneur.

What I am interested in now when it comes to business:

Personally, I am a personal productivity and emotional intelligence geek. I geek out on things like motivation, building healthy habits and creativity.

Some of my own favorite topics that I teach:

I have seen any of my students succeed in Amazon eCommerce. Selling on Amazon can be very lucrative and I love seeing my students do well.

I also teach many SEO topics that I myself use all the time. They include link-building, keyword research and using other sites like YouTube, Amazon, and even freelancing sites like Fiverr as search engines to get discovered when people are searching.

My interests outside business and entrepreneurship:

I like playing soccer, chess, dabbling in philosophy, lots of different music (one of my dreams is to start writing songs and poetry for them), and I am always daydreaming of finally getting a dog (a rescue from a shelter, of course). I am also trying to become vegan, albeit with moderate success so far.

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