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Welcome to “Time Travel for Beginners.” Are you ready to learn how to travel in time? Yes, I’m serious, we are going to learn together how to travel in time. You can go back as far as the Big Bang if you like, you can go as far forwards as to the opposite. You can go back into your own past in this life, you can go back into past lives.

I will even help you see how to get help with this if you struggle to apply everything I show you, I’ll show you how to get help with it and to be trained by someone else into exactly what I’m talking about.

This course has a miracle in it for you if you are like me, because when I learned I really wanted to travel in time, I knew it was possible in my life, and once I learned how to do it myself, this has helped me immensely in my present life. It helps me to bring all the lessons of all times into this moment. 

We are going to cover the myth things that you think time travel should be, the first thing we are going to do is deconstruct your ideas of what time travel should be like. Those are likely blocking you from the ability to time travel.

Once you have the blocks and the myths and things that don’t work in time travel covered, we are going to see how exactly do time travel. I will even do it while we are filming and show you exactly how it works. I will share my experience with time travel in this course with you, and how it’s given me the huge benefit of living my life with all the past and future perspectives available right now.

It allows you to get huge wisdom out of the future and bring it in this moment, it allows you to go back and look at the past and bring massive gratitude into the present moment.

I’m so excited to start this metaphysical course with you and make a huge different in your life today. Thank you for being here with me, I’m Jerry Banfield, and I will see you in the future!

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Jerry Banfield

I started my business in 2011 to help others overcome the same problems I struggled with starting with addiction, relationships, and money. After accumulating $100,000+ in debt to stay in business, I discovered teaching online in 2014. Within three years, I produced 3,000+ video tutorials and paid off all the debt while struggling to maintain ongoing relationships with my students. To help students and instructors grow better together, we launched Uthena in 2019 as the first PLR marketplace for video courses! I am grateful today for 5 years sober, 3 years plant based diet, 6 years married, 3 years parenting, and 7 years as an entrepreneur online with 2,300+ YouTube videos, 21 books, 680+ blog posts, 800+ podcast episodes, 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify, and 57+ video courses where I am the primary instructor on Uthena!

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