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You might love this course if you want to honestly see what it takes to teach full time on Udemy, create Udemy courses faster, and increase your Udemy course sales every month. 

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this course is worth taking before you invest your money and time in it. More than 10,000 people have already completed the process of deciding to take this course and I hope sharing the story of one of them will prove useful for you now. Cat Whipple took this course after having published her own course on Udemy and after taking another teach on Udemy course to see what she could do to improve her sales. She was motivated by the first course to keep learning about teaching on Udemy and then bought my course to expand her learning. When she started asking questions in the course discussions, she saw that I was posting thoughtful responses often several paragraphs long to what she asked. With encouragement to keep learning, Cat continued to ask questions and finished the more than 10 hours of HD video in the course. By the end of the course, she posted this review.

“My Favorite Of All The “Teach On Udemy” Courses”

I really love this course. It has a ton of information about how to be successful on Udemy. But the thing that sets this course apart from other similar courses is that the instructor really puts his heart and soul into teaching what he knows. He also talks about the things he did wrong, his mistakes and his feelings about those mistakes and road blocks. You get to see the ups and downs, and heart-aches that can come with creating and teaching a Udemy course. So many course instructors don’t go there – they only talk about the stuff they did right – which gives a false, rosy impression that it’s all easy. It’s a lot more inspiring for me to hear about all the stuff that didn’t work because it gives me a more rounded picture of what to expect. And it really inspires me to believe that I can do this too. The instructor answers questions right away, which I think is really important for this type of course, and probably most courses in general. And lastly, the instructor just comes across as one of the nicest guys on the planet. I ended up feeling like he was a friend of mine by the time I got done with the course, even though we’ve never met. And even though I’m done with the course I feel like I can keep coming back to get help with issues. I LOVE THIS COURSE.

Cat Whipple.

Thank you for reading so much of this course description! Your time is very valuable and by now, you might have enough motivation to take this course and start getting into the learning right away! If so, click the blue button at the top of the page to get started!If you still are on the fence, here is the story of another student in his own words from another review by Jack Wilson.

A Must-Have For EVERY Instructor by Jack Wilson!

Jerry’s instruction is the perfect balance of passion, intelligence, proof of experience, and calculated determination. He is a machine for success and helping others build the successful lives that they have always dreamed of. I got on Udemy almost 2 years ago because a friend suggested that it was going to blow up, and boy was he right. 18 months later, I had 10,0000 students on a free weight loss course, but had no idea how to start converting these numbers to sales. After taking a couple of Jerry’s courses along with Alun Hill’s and Scott Britton’s, these guys transformed my business. I didn’t take this teaching process seriously until the beginning of 2015 when I reluctantly quit my day job (6 days a week training individual clients and classes) to focus solely on changing lives through fitness and generating sales online. With the help of Jerry’s course, in 4 months I am now paying my rent, utilities and groceries with my Udemy sales, and they are growing every month. I am still training in person part time to have a comfortable existence, but based on my results and numbers that I have been able to generate with the help of this course, I project that by the end of 2015, I will be living comfortably off of Udemy alone. Thank you for this incredible tool Jerry. You have taken a self-help skeptic and someone who has been been plodding in the dark for 22 months, and made him an online fitness entrepreneur who is proud that he can change lives on Udemy.

I am honored you are continuing to read these reviews! Since I like the number three and the fact that you are still reading here indicates you really want the kitchen sink thrown in before deciding to buy, here is one more recent review that should give you a clear yes or no decision by the end of it!

5-Star Course Loaded With Strategies & Motivation by Janet Bruno.

How anyone can rate this course less than 5-star is beyond imagination. Jerry puts his heart and soul into this course, like no other instructor I’ve seen ( and I’ve been through a lot of courses). This one course on Udemy is so comprehensive, that no stone is left unturned. Sure, there are some other courses that may have superior production quality on every single video — with all sorts of fancy effects — but what makes this course so valuable is that Jerry is brutally honest with what he has tried, how he and his business has grown, and by illustrating EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work. This is immensely valuable. Other instructors often only share what works. The level of detail he covers is also refreshing. Building a successful Udemy course demands more than just technical finesse, as he illustrates so well with his genuine and caring spirit. Jerry is a natural teacher with a big heart. I appreciate him for creating this course and serving as such a positive role model to so many in this Udemy community.

I appreciate every minute you have spent reading all these reviews! You clearly like spending time with me enough that I can safely assume enrolling in this course will be a great value for you. You have no money to risk because you can just get a refund if I am wrong and that only leaves time. Since you already spent this much time with me, I think you can safely assume a little bit more might be even more enjoyable!If you have not already watched the promo video above, you can take the next step in spending a little more time with me by hearing me actual talk and seeing what I am doing on Udemy now. What follows below is the original description of the course that I am keeping for SEO purposes. I added this description above as my latest attempt to optimize the course for sales. I am grateful to have the chance to work full time on Udemy today and work each day in the course to give you the same opportunity. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you as a student in the course when we next meet!

  • Join 10,000+ students learning how to create best selling Udemy courses based on my experience creating 70+ courses on Udemy! You can do it yourself if you love teaching, make videos, upload them to Udemy, and are willing to work a little bit every day!
  • What I am sharing with you works no matter what changes Udemy makes or what you want to teach because everything is founded in loving what you do and doing it!
  • Skip the one year of painful learning that most new instructors spend struggling to make their first sales before they realize they need help in figuring out how to do it right. I created this course because I did exactly that and I want you to have the chance to have an easier time being successful on Udemy.
  • Enjoy both PRACTICAL and INSPIRATIONAL lectures! You get everything you need in this course to build your Udemy sales towards consistent growth. See exactly what works for me starting in the first lecture with a detailed look at my Udemy income by source and course.
  • Act on your feelings of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH to enroll in this course now! Get lifetime access to the information that took me nearly 3 years to learn on my own backed by a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee!

When you enroll in this course, you commit to CREATING, SUBMITTING, and VERIFYING APPROVAL of ONE NEW UDEMY COURSE on the Udemy marketplace as a student in this course!

Are you hoping to earn a full time income on Udemy? Becoming a top instructor on Udemy is challenging. This course makes it a lot easier for you than it was for me! You can skip the painful learning process and see exactly what you need to know about becoming a bestselling teacher on Udemy! Watch the preview video above now to see exactly what is possible for you when you take this course!

In 2013, I created my first Udemy course and was frustrated with the review process. After spending hours creating my course and getting it rejected, I spent months thinking Udemy was not worth my time. Finally, I tried again and got the course approved on the marketplace and struggled to make a few sales.

In 2014, I gave up on sales and made the course free. After getting thousands of students enrolled and exceptional positive feedback, I made the course paid again and got it included in the daily deals. A year after thinking I failed, I made $6,500 in November 2014. Now I have a formula that consistently works for me to create exceptional courses. You can enroll in this course to learn this formula and apply it to creating what you love!

You can skip the hundreds of hours of painful learning I spent figuring out Udemy success the hard way by taking this course now!

What you’ll learn!

  • Every question you have about teaching on Udemy answered.
  • The ability to teach full time on Udemy.
  • Motivation to get your next lecture uploaded today.
  • A system for making Udemy courses quickly.
  • Tips for passing the review process successfully with minimal frustration.
  • Strategies for consistently increasing your sales on Udemy.
  • Laughs from seeing how bad I messed things up on Udemy before learning what works.
  • Access to a community of instructors willing to collaborate with you.
  • Methods for producing lectures using different methods including screen capture, webcam, and PDF.
  • Everything you need to be successful on Udemy all in one course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Newest Udemy Instructor Success Tips! [ 2019 - 2020]

  • 2

    Welcome to The Complete Udemy Instructor Course! [Original 2014 — 2016 Class]

    • One day at a time with a Microsoft Excel 2016 spreadsheet to track lectures made

    • Teaching free on YouTube first prepared me for Udemy.

    • Getting help with the #1 problem in my life made space for Udemy success.

    • A look at my Udemy earnings in chronological order.

    • It took a long time to get the right equipment to make filming fast and easy.

    • Promoting my own courses is critical to all the organic sales.

    • Free courses and free previews on YouTube are the foundation of my promotions.

    • Google AdWords helps me sell some established courses in search ads.

    • What I do today about course reviews on Udemy.

    • Create a test video right now to check your audio and video production setup

    • Think comprehensive courses to start and expand into niche smaller courses.

    • How to see if you are a premium instructor and how to apply to get paid on Udemy

    • How to make a lot of high quality courses very quickly by working smart

    • Your promo video is HUGE for making sales! Make a good one and keep updated.

    • Are you willing to teach for free to start? How does free work for me today?

    • Overcoming common challenges to getting started

    • I create systems that anyone can run because then I can count on them!

    • Getting help with running systems I create. Thank you Joseph Delgadillo!

    • My personal life defines what potential I have to create courses

    • Start with a small focused course idea and use positive reinforcement to build

    • Microphones I use and the importance of great audio

  • 3

    Welcome to The Complete Udemy Instructor Course! [Original 2014 — 2016 Class] - Part 2

    • Recommended lecture length and speaking speed.

    • Screen capture with Camtasia makes creating courses really easy

    • Editing audio quickly in Camtasia

    • Turning a screenshot into a video free with windows movie maker and Audacity!

    • Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive for Backup

    • Course creation hands on! Watch as I start this course fast

    • The importance of the first lecture for student engagement

    • Overcoming mistakes I make while recording: simple editing trick

    • Completing the review process successfully and getting past needs fixes editing response

    • Looking at my course landing page as a sales page.

    • Course conversion data. Where are your students from?

    • Promoting your course on social media and your website

    • Getting your first organic sales on Udemy

    • Analyzing my sales data for opportunities

    • 3 key areas you want to succeed in to make a lot of sales on Udemy

    • How I use positive reinforcement to decide where I should put my creative effort

    • Answering discussions in your courses consistently

    • How to turn a negative one star Udemy review into a positive five star review

    • An in depth look at how I respond to 1 and 2 star reviews

    • How much should you give your Udemy course away for free? When to stop?

    • How to message multiple courses with educational and promotional announcements

    • Educational announcements why you should use them

    • Educational announcement for reviews and discussions

    • How to deal with refunds as an instructor on Udemy

    • Reading the bad reviews on my Udemy courses

    • The bad reviews I read do not cause any lasting damage and do give a lot of help

    • I hope reading these reviews helps with overcoming fear of teaching online

    • 10 things I do differently than most Udemy instructors

    • See the power of Udemy yourself here! Now is the time to stick with Udemy!

    • Launching WooCommerce on my website to sell my courses with free coupons

Meet Your Instructor!

CEO and Founder of Uthena!

Jerry Banfield

I started my business in 2011 to help others overcome the same problems I struggled with starting with addiction, relationships, and money. After accumulating $100,000+ in debt to stay in business, I discovered teaching online in 2014. Within three years, I produced 3,000+ video tutorials and paid off all the debt while struggling to maintain ongoing relationships with my students. To help students and instructors grow better together, we launched Uthena in 2019 as the first PLR marketplace for video courses! I am grateful today for 5 years sober, 3 years plant based diet, 6 years married, 3 years parenting, and 7 years as an entrepreneur online with 2,300+ YouTube videos, 21 books, 680+ blog posts, 800+ podcast episodes, 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify, and 57+ video courses where I am the primary instructor on Uthena!

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