Course Curriculum

  • 2
    A Live Vlog on YouTube and Facebook AND a Podcast on iTunes?
    • One video on YouTube and Facebook plus podcast episode daily
    • Why do a vlog and a podcast?
  • 3
    Setup, Workflow, and Branding!
    • The power of a simple background and making it about me
    • Accountability, workflow, and producting amazing results
    • Branding, choosing a name, and consistency
    • Free stock photos with Pexels for a background
    • Filming is so easy with Wirecast!
  • 4
    Vision, Challenges, and Promotion!
    • Avoiding the temptation to wait or not try!
    • Promoting a podcast and vlog is easy by sharing with friends.
    • A vision for an amazing podcast and vlog!
  • 5
    Preparing to Go Live!
    • Start a live vlog in 2 clicks on Facebook!
    • Editing, scripting, planning, and sharing!
    • Preparing my thumbnail quickly with Camtasia and a Pexels photo
    • Preparing to go live on Wirecast!
    • Final countdown to live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • 6
    The Result: Happier People Day 143!
    • Day 143 of Happier People Part 1
    • Day 143 of Happier People Part 2
  • 7
    Thank You for Watching!
    • Thank you for watching! What next?
    • Discuss in the Facebook group!

Student Reviews

  • Review of Podcast and Vlog Video Course by Jerry Banfield

    Jeffrey Neubauer

    My first lesson taken and very satisfied. Very usable information which is taught in a functional kind manner. I would strongly recommend anyone wantin...

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    My first lesson taken and very satisfied. Very usable information which is taught in a functional kind manner. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to professionally amplify their message to take this course. Jeffrey K. Neubauer Originator - Creative 1 BeaconMKE

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    Jerry Banfield

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