Course description

Welcome! Here you can learn you how to master Linux command line ( BASH ). What do I mean by this? Ever seen a system admin in a movie or some devious hacker using a terminal? Do you want the same knowledge? Well you are in the right place!

This course is designed to take you from beginner to advanced in the Linux command line using bash (Bourne-again shell), a Unix shell and command language. You get 10+ hours of HD videos full of useful tutorials founded on motivation and excitement for learning bash programming! You can count on an answer to every question you ask in the course from a linux command line expert which gives you peace of mind that you can get help with every challenge you have as you learn!

I wish you the very best of luck with your studies and I hope that we shall have some fun together in this course!

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 3

    Unique Characters

    • Terminal customization and hash character

    • Characters - Hash, SemiColon

    • Characters - Dot, Double quotes, Single quotes, Comma, Double comma

    • Backslash, Slash, Backquote, Null command

    • Exclamation mark, asterix, question mark

    • Parenthesis and Curly braces

    • Characters - OR, AND, Dash, Modulo, Tilde Plus, Tilde Minus, Caret, Double Caret

  • 4

    Variables and Parameters

    • Variables and Parameters part 1

    • Variables and Parameters part 2

    • Variables and Parameters part 3

    • Variables and Parameters part 4

  • 5

    Return Values

    • Return Values part 1

    • Return Values part 2

  • 6

    Conditional Statements

    • Conditional Statments part 1

    • Conditional Statments part 2

  • 7

    Variables Continued

    • Built in variables part 1

    • Built in variables part 2

    • Built in variables part 3

    • Modifying the properties of variables

    • Random number generation

  • 8


    • For Loop

    • While Loop

    • Until Loop

    • Break and Continue Part 1

    • Break and Continue Part 2

    • Case Construct

    • Select Construct

  • 9

    Internal Commands

    • Printf

    • Read

    • Eval and Set

    • More on set + unset

    • getopts

    • shopt type jobs disown

    • fg kill and command

  • 10

    Regular Expressions

    • Grep Demo

    • Demo for sed Extended regular expressions

    • Globing

  • 11

    Input Output Redirection

    • STDOUT, STDIN, STDERR part 1

    • STDOUT, STDIN, STDERR part 2

  • 12


    • Functions part 1

    • Functions part 2

  • 13


    • Arrays part 1

    • Arrays part 2

    • Arrays part 3

  • 14


    • OR and AND lists

  • 15


    • Debuging part 1

    • Debuging part 2

    • Debuging part 3

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