Course description

MATLAB is much easier to learn when you can try everything for yourself in this course for beginners! With more than a million users, MATLAB is a must know programming language for science, engineering, and economics professionals.

Learn about solving equations in MATLAB, data structures, probability, and how to plot data in MATLAB from a software engineer with proven experience using MATLAB. If you want a screencapture course that shows you exactly how to use MATLAB, you're ready to take this course!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to MATLAB

    • Matlab Installation Resources

    • Basic Syntax

    • Basic Arithmetic

    • Builtin Functions

    • Linear Algebra

    • For Loops, While Loops, If Statements

    • Data Types

  • 2

    Plotting Data in MATLAB

    • Plotting Data

    • Data Analysis Plots

    • Loading and Saving Data

    • Subplots, 3D Plots, Labeling Plots

  • 3

    Sound, Signal, and Image Processing In MATLAB

    • Sound Processing

    • Sound Processing Exercises

    • Signal Processing

    • Fourier Transform

    • Low Pass Filters

    • Image Processing

    • Image Manipulation Exercises

    • Convolution

    • Gaussian Image Noise Reduction

    • Gaussian Filter Blur and Edge Detection

    • Gaussian Normal Distribution

    • Multivariate Gaussian

  • 4

    MATLAB and Probability

    • Introduction to Probability

    • Measuring Probability

    • Generating Random Values

    • Birthday Paradox

    • Continuous Variables

    • Mean and Variance

    • Test for Normality

    • 2 Sample Tests

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